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Uses of XmlRpcTransportFactory in org.apache.xmlrpc

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc that implement XmlRpcTransportFactory
 class CommonsXmlRpcTransportFactory
          A transport factory, which uses the Jakarta Commons HttpClient.
 class DefaultXmlRpcTransportFactory
          Default XML-RPC transport factory, produces HTTP, HTTPS with SSL or TLS based on URI protocol.

Fields in org.apache.xmlrpc declared as XmlRpcTransportFactory
protected  XmlRpcTransportFactory DefaultXmlRpcTransportFactory.httpsTransportFactory
protected  XmlRpcTransportFactory XmlRpcClient.transportFactory

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc that return XmlRpcTransportFactory
static XmlRpcTransportFactory DefaultXmlRpcTransportFactory.createTransportFactory(java.lang.String transport, java.util.Properties properties)

Constructors in org.apache.xmlrpc with parameters of type XmlRpcTransportFactory
XmlRpcClient( url, XmlRpcTransportFactory transportFactory)
          Construct a XML-RPC client with this URL and a specified transport factory.

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Classes in that implement XmlRpcTransportFactory
 class SunSSLTransportFactory
          Interface from XML-RPC to the HTTPS transport based on the

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