Interface Summary
NamespaceContextOwner Interface of an object, which is able to provide a namespace context.
NamespacePrefixList Interface of an object, which is able to provide a list of currently defined namespace prefixes.
TargetNamespaceValidator Interface called when reading a schema to validate the target namespace.
XmlSchemaNamed A named item.
XmlSchemaNamedWithForm Attributes and elements have names that are influenced by their form.
XmlSchemaObjectBase This interface exists to tie the type hierarchy of things like XmlSchemaNamed to the main type hierarchy of XmlSchemaObject.

Class Summary
CollectionFactory There are many collections of XML Schema objects inside XmlSchema.
DOMUtil Some useful utility methods.
NamespaceMap This class maps from a prefix to an object that is either a String or a URI.
NodeNamespaceContext Implementation of NamespaceContext, which is based on a DOM node.
PrefixCollector Searches for namespace prefix declarations.
UtilObjects This class contains a few convenient methods
XmlSchemaNamedImpl Common class of all of the named objects in the XML Schema model.
XmlSchemaRef<T extends XmlSchemaNamed> Implementation for ref='QName', a common construct in the schema.

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