Interface OMDocument

    • Method Detail

      • getOMDocumentElement

        OMElement getOMDocumentElement()
        Get the document element.
        the document element, or null if the document doesn't have any children of type OMElement
      • setOMDocumentElement

        void setOMDocumentElement​(OMElement documentElement)
        Set the document element of the XML document. If the document has no document element, then the new document element will be appended as the last child. If the document already has a document element, then it will be replaced by the new one and the position of the other children relative to the document element is preserved.

        Some models (such as SOAP) may throw an exception if the specified element is not allowed as a root element.

        documentElement - the new document element; must not be null
        IllegalArgumentException - if the parameter is null
      • getCharsetEncoding

        String getCharsetEncoding()
        Get the character set encoding scheme. This is the encoding that was used used for this document at the time of the parsing. This is null when it is not known, such as when the document was created in memory or from a character stream.
        the charset encoding for this document, or null if the encoding is not known
      • setCharsetEncoding

        void setCharsetEncoding​(String charsetEncoding)
        Sets the character set encoding scheme to be used.
        charsetEncoding -
      • getXMLVersion

        String getXMLVersion()
        Returns the XML version.
        Returns String.
      • setXMLVersion

        void setXMLVersion​(String version)
        Sets the XML version.
        version -
        See Also:
        XML_10, XML_11
      • getXMLEncoding

        String getXMLEncoding()
        Get the charset encoding of this document as specified in the XML declaration.
        the charset encoding specified in the XML declaration, or null if the document didn't have an XML declaration or if the encoding attribute was not specified in the XML declaration
      • setXMLEncoding

        void setXMLEncoding​(String encoding)
        Set the charset encoding for the XML declaration of this document.
        encoding - the value of the encoding attribute of the XML declaration
      • isStandalone

        String isStandalone()
        XML standalone value. This will be yes, no or null (if not available)
        Returns boolean.
      • setStandalone

        void setStandalone​(String isStandalone)
      • getDescendants

        Iterator<OMSerializable> getDescendants​(boolean includeSelf)
        Get an iterator over all descendants of the container. The items are returned in document order. Note that attributes and namespace declarations are not considered descendants.
        Specified by:
        getDescendants in interface OMContainer
        includeSelf - true if the iterator should also return the container itself; false if the first item returned by the iterator should be the first child of the container
        an iterator over the descendants of this container