Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API.

In particular, this package defines interfaces for the information items identified by the XML Information Set W3C Recommendation:

Interfaces defined by Axiom.
SectionInformation itemInterface
2.1 Document information item OMDocument
2.2 Element information item OMElement
2.3 Attribute information item OMAttribute
2.4 Processing instruction information item OMProcessingInstruction
2.5 Unexpanded entity reference information item Not supported
2.6 Character information item OMText
2.7 Comment information item OMComment
2.8 Document type declaration information item OMDocType
2.9 Unparsed entity information item Not supported
2.10 Notation information item Not supported
2.11 Namespace information item OMNamespace

The package also contains a set of super-interfaces that define common properties and operations shared by several information items: OMSerializable, OMNode and OMContainer.