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How to write your own WSDL extensions


How to write your own WSDL extensions and plug them into WSDL4J

To Implement new WSDL extension using WSDL4J it is necessary to:

  • decide on what namespace will be used for WSDL extension: for example EJB provider is using
  • write a subclass of javax.wsdl.extensions.ExtensibilityElement
  • write class which implements ExtensionSerializer and ExtensionDeserializer and is responsible for converting Java object representing extension to XML (serializer) and for converting XML into Java object (deserialize)
  • write new extension registry - this clss must extend javax.wsdl.extensions.ExtensionRegistry and is used to inform WSDL4J on how to handle new extension

You can find examples of all these for the existing providers in the various org.apache.wsif.wsdl.extensions.* packages

TODO: more details based on example