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Developer's Guide

Building WSIF


What are requirements?

WSIF generally requires WSDL4J and XML parser that implements JAXP (such as Xerces2). For detailed list of required and optional JAR files and how to obtain them please take a look in lib/ subdirectories. Each subdirectory has short README file that explains how to get needed JAR file if you do not have them already on your CLASSPATH. Check detailed list of requirements.

How to build?

There are two possibilities: use your preferred verion of ANT but you are responsible for setting CLASSPATH or use provided scripts that automate building and CLASSPATH setting.

Building WSIF using ANT

Obtain all the necessary jar files as listed in the prerequisites

Set required environment variables, including, JAVA_HOME, ANT_HOME.

From the root directory of wsif (where build.xml is located), run

ant<classpath> <target>

where <classpath> contains the location of the preequisite JAR files and, where <target> is one of the following:

  • compile: Compiles the API
  • samples: Compiles the samples
  • javadocs: Builds the javadoc
  • srcdist: Creates the source distribution zip file.
  • dist: Creates the binary distribution zip file.
  • clean: Removes built files.
  • all: Cleans, creates source and binary distribution zip files.
  • tests: Build tests

Building WSIF by using provided scripts and JAR files

If you downloaded the source distribution you need to make sure you have all prerequisite jars available under the lib/ directory. Most of the necessary jar files are already included in lib directory (we redistribute what we can). You will only need to download the following and put them into the lib/ directory.

  • activation.jar
  • mail.jar
  • jms.jar
  • j2ee.jar; if you plan to download this it includes the above three so you won't need to download those separately.

The dependency README tells you where you can download these from and also how they are used, so you can decide for yourself which JARs you really need.

Then use build script (./ on UNIX or build.bat on Windows) to rebuilt WSIF (see list of targets above).

After building, if you want just to run samples you can simply call classpath script (on Windows use classpath.bat on UNIX use source classpath.csh if you use TCSH or source if you use BASH) and you will have all required jar files on CLASSPATH, then you can proceed with running samples.