Class WSSecBase

    • Field Detail

      • password

        protected String password
      • keyIdentifierType

        protected int keyIdentifierType
      • attachmentCallbackHandler

        protected CallbackHandler attachmentCallbackHandler
      • storeBytesInAttachment

        protected boolean storeBytesInAttachment
      • expandXopInclude

        protected boolean expandXopInclude
      • addWSUNamespace

        protected boolean addWSUNamespace
    • Constructor Detail

      • WSSecBase

        public WSSecBase​(WSSecHeader securityHeader)
      • WSSecBase

        public WSSecBase​(Document doc)
    • Method Detail

      • getDocument

        protected Document getDocument()
      • getSecurityHeader

        public WSSecHeader getSecurityHeader()
      • setCallbackLookup

        public void setCallbackLookup​(CallbackLookup callbackLookup)
        callbackLookup - The CallbackLookup object to retrieve elements
      • getParts

        public List<WSEncryptionPart> getParts()
        Get which parts of the message to encrypt/sign.
      • setAttachmentCallbackHandler

        public void setAttachmentCallbackHandler​(CallbackHandler attachmentCallbackHandler)
      • setStoreBytesInAttachment

        public void setStoreBytesInAttachment​(boolean storeBytesInAttachment)
      • setBodyID

        protected String setBodyID​(Document doc)
                            throws Exception
        Looks up or adds a body id.

        First try to locate the wsu:Id in the SOAP body element. If one is found, the value of the wsu:Id attribute is returned. Otherwise the method generates a new wsu:Id and an appropriate value.

        doc - The SOAP envelope as Document
        The value of the wsu:Id attribute of the SOAP body
      • setUserInfo

        public void setUserInfo​(String user,
                                String password)
        Set the user and password info. Both information is used to get the user's private signing key.
        user - This is the user's alias name in the keystore that identifies the private key to sign the document
        password - The user's password to get the private signing key from the keystore
      • setIdAllocator

        public void setIdAllocator​(WsuIdAllocator idAllocator)
      • isExpandXopInclude

        public boolean isExpandXopInclude()
      • setExpandXopInclude

        public void setExpandXopInclude​(boolean expandXopInclude)
      • getWsDocInfo

        public WSDocInfo getWsDocInfo()
      • setWsDocInfo

        public void setWsDocInfo​(WSDocInfo wsDocInfo)
      • clean

        public void clean()