Class WSSecSignatureBase

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    WSSecDerivedKeyBase, WSSecSignature

    public class WSSecSignatureBase
    extends WSSecBase
    This is the base class for WS Security messages that are used for signature generation or verification.
    • Constructor Detail

      • WSSecSignatureBase

        public WSSecSignatureBase​(WSSecHeader securityHeader)
      • WSSecSignatureBase

        public WSSecSignatureBase​(Document doc)
    • Method Detail

      • addReferencesToSign

        public List<Reference> addReferencesToSign​(Document doc,
                                                   List<WSEncryptionPart> references,
                                                   WSDocInfo wsDocInfo,
                                                   XMLSignatureFactory signatureFactory,
                                                   boolean addInclusivePrefixes,
                                                   String digestAlgo)
                                            throws WSSecurityException
        This method adds references to the Signature.
        doc - The parent document
        references - The list of references to sign
        wsDocInfo - The WSDocInfo object to store protection elements in
        signatureFactory - The XMLSignature object
        addInclusivePrefixes - Whether to add inclusive prefixes or not
        digestAlgo - The digest algorithm to use
      • getInclusivePrefixes

        public List<String> getInclusivePrefixes​(Element target)
        Get the List of inclusive prefixes from the DOM Element argument
      • getInclusivePrefixes

        public List<String> getInclusivePrefixes​(Element target,
                                                 boolean excludeVisible)
        Get the List of inclusive prefixes from the DOM Element argument
      • createSTRParameter

        public Element createSTRParameter​(Document doc)
        Create an STRTransformationParameters element
      • cleanup

        protected void cleanup()