Package org.apache.xmlrpc.server

Interface Summary
AbstractReflectiveHandlerMapping.AuthenticationHandler An object implementing this interface may be used to validate user names and passwords.
RequestProcessorFactoryFactory The request processor is the object, which is actually performing the request.
RequestProcessorFactoryFactory.RequestProcessorFactory This is the factory for request processors.
ServerHttpConnection Interface of a ServerStreamConnection for HTTP response transport.
XmlRpcHandlerMapping Maps from a handler name to a handler object.
XmlRpcHttpServerConfig HTTP servers configuration.
XmlRpcServerConfig Server specific extension of XmlRpcConfig.

Class Summary
AbstractReflectiveHandlerMapping Abstract base class of handler mappings, which are using reflection.
PropertyHandlerMapping A handler mapping based on a property file.
ReflectiveXmlRpcHandler Default implementation of XmlRpcHandler.
RequestProcessorFactoryFactory.RequestSpecificProcessorFactoryFactory This is the default implementation of RequestProcessorFactoryFactory.
RequestProcessorFactoryFactory.StatelessProcessorFactoryFactory This is an alternative implementation of RequestProcessorFactoryFactory.
XmlRpcErrorLogger Instances of this class can be used to customize the servers error logging.
XmlRpcHttpServer Abstract extension of XmlRpcStreamServer for deriving HTTP servers.
XmlRpcLocalStreamServer Server part of a local stream transport.
XmlRpcServer A multithreaded, reusable XML-RPC server object.
XmlRpcServerConfigImpl Default implementation of XmlRpcServerConfig.
XmlRpcServerWorker Server specific implementation of XmlRpcWorker.
XmlRpcServerWorkerFactory Server specific worker factory.
XmlRpcStreamServer Extension of XmlRpcServer with support for reading requests from a stream and writing the response to another stream.

Exception Summary
XmlRpcNoSuchHandlerException This exception is thrown, if an unknown handler is called.

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