Interface OMInformationItem

All Known Subinterfaces:
OMAttribute, OMComment, OMContainer, OMContainerEx, OMDocType, OMDocument, OMElement, OMElementEx, OMEntityReference, OMNamedInformationItem, OMNode, OMNodeEx, OMProcessingInstruction, OMSerializable, OMSourcedElement, OMText, SOAPBody, SOAPEnvelope, SOAPFault, SOAPFaultClassifier, SOAPFaultCode, SOAPFaultDetail, SOAPFaultNode, SOAPFaultReason, SOAPFaultRole, SOAPFaultSubCode, SOAPFaultText, SOAPFaultValue, SOAPHeader, SOAPHeaderBlock, SOAPMessage

public interface OMInformationItem

Represents an information item in an XML document. This is the super-interface for all information items known by Axiom.

Method Summary
 OMInformationItem clone(OMCloneOptions options)
          Clone this information item.
 OMFactory getOMFactory()
          Get the OMFactory that created this information item.

Method Detail


OMFactory getOMFactory()
Get the OMFactory that created this information item.


OMInformationItem clone(OMCloneOptions options)
Clone this information item. If the information item is a container, then its descendants will be cloned recursively. Note that in this case, this method will traverse the descendants and create clones immediately. It will also preserve the original nodes. This means that after the execution of this method, both the returned clone and the original container will be completely built.

options - the options to use when cloning this element and its descendants; for object models with domain specific extensions (such as SOAP), this may be a subclass of OMCloneOptions
the cloned element

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