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Packages that use OMDocument
org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper Contains core interfaces of the Axiom API.   

Uses of OMDocument in org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper

Constructors in org.apache.axiom.c14n.omwrapper with parameters of type OMDocument
DocumentImpl(OMDocument doc, WrapperFactory fac)

Uses of OMDocument in

Methods in that return OMDocument
 OMDocument OMFactory.createOMDocument()
          Creates a new OMDocument.
 OMDocument OMXMLParserWrapper.getDocument()
          Get the document being built by this builder.

Uses of OMDocument in

Fields in declared as OMDocument
protected  OMDocument StAXBuilder.document

Methods in that return OMDocument
protected  OMDocument StAXOMBuilder.createDocument()
protected abstract  OMDocument StAXBuilder.createDocument()
 OMDocument OMFactoryEx.createOMDocument(OMXMLParserWrapper builder)
 OMDocument StAXBuilder.getDocument()
 OMDocument SAXOMBuilder.getDocument()

Uses of OMDocument in

Methods in that return OMDocument
 OMDocument OMResult.getDocument()

Uses of OMDocument in

Methods in with parameters of type OMDocument
 boolean DigestGenerator.compareOMDocument(OMDocument document, OMDocument comparingDocument, String digestAlgorithm)
          Compares two OMDocuments for the XML equality
 byte[] DigestGenerator.getDigest(OMDocument document, String digestAlgorithm)
          This method is an overloaded method for the digest generation for OMDocument
 Collection DigestGenerator.getValidElements(OMDocument document)
          Gets the valid element collection of an OMDocument.

Uses of OMDocument in org.apache.axiom.soap

Subinterfaces of OMDocument in org.apache.axiom.soap
 interface SOAPMessage

Uses of OMDocument in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder

Methods in org.apache.axiom.soap.impl.builder that return OMDocument
protected  OMDocument StAXSOAPModelBuilder.createDocument()

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