Interface Summary
StAXParserConfiguration Defines a particular StAX parser configuration.
StAXWriterConfiguration Defines a particular StAX writer configuration.
XMLStreamWriterFilter An interface used to identify a filter class for an XMLStreamWriter The filter receives XMLStreamWriter events (and can change or log them).

Class Summary
AttributeHelper Helper class for attributes.
Base64 Deprecated. Use Base64Utils instead.
CommonUtils Common Utilities
CopyUtils CopyUtils provides static utility methods that are useful for creating a copy of an OM/SOAPEnvelope tree.
DetachableInputStream FilterInputStream that delegates to the original InputStream.
DigestGenerator Helper class to provide the functionality of the digest value generation.
ElementHelper Helper class to provide extra utility stuff against elements.
LogOutputStream LogOutputStream Writes to log.debug() Also counts the number of bytes
OMXMLStreamReaderValidator There are several places in the code where events are passed from a source to a consumer using XMLStreamReader events.
StAXUtils Utility class containing StAX related methods.
UUIDGenerator Deprecated. Please use one of the specialized methods in the UIDGenerator class.
XMLStreamWriterFilterBase The base class for classes that are XMLStreamWriterFilters Each of the XMLStreamWriter events is intercepted and passed to the delegate XMLStreamWriter Character data is sent to the xmlData abstract method.
XMLStreamWriterRemoveIllegalChars This is an XMLStreamWriterFilter that removes illegal characters.

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