Interface StAXWriterConfiguration

public interface StAXWriterConfiguration

Defines a particular StAX writer configuration. An implementation of this interface must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. It MUST be immutable.
  2. It MUST either be a singleton or properly implement Object.equals(Object) and Object.hashCode().
These two requirements ensure that instances of this interface may be used as cache keys.

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Field Summary
static StAXWriterConfiguration DEFAULT
          The default configuration.
Method Summary
 XMLOutputFactory configure(XMLOutputFactory factory, StAXDialect dialect)
          Apply the configuration to the given factory.

Field Detail


static final StAXWriterConfiguration DEFAULT
The default configuration.

Method Detail


XMLOutputFactory configure(XMLOutputFactory factory,
                           StAXDialect dialect)
Apply the configuration to the given factory. The method MAY optionally wrap the factory.

factory - the factory to configure
dialect - The dialect of the StAX implementation as detected by StAXDialectDetector. The implementation may use this information to configure implementation specific settings.
The configured factory. This may be the original factory (if the implementation only changes the factory properties), or a wrapper.

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