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Uses of PolicyComponent in org.apache.neethi

Subinterfaces of PolicyComponent in org.apache.neethi
 interface Assertion
          This is an interface that any Assertion must implement.
 interface IntersectableAssertion
          Assertions that need special consideration to implement the intersection algorithms should implement this interface.
 interface PolicyContainingAssertion
          Interface to mark Assertions that contain child Policy documents
 interface PolicyOperator
          PolicyOperator is an interface that all Policy operators must implement.

Classes in org.apache.neethi that implement PolicyComponent
 class AbstractPolicyOperator
          AbstractPolicyOperator provides an implementation of few functions of PolicyOperator interface that other PolicyOperators can use.
 class All
          All is a PolicyOperator that require all its PolicyComponents to be met.
 class ExactlyOne
          ExactlyOne PolicyOperator requires exactly one of its PolicyComponents to be met.
 class Policy
          Policy is a PolicyOperator that requires to satisfy all of its PolicyComponents.
 class PolicyReference
          PolicyReference is a wrapper that holds explicit PolicyReferences.

Fields in org.apache.neethi with type parameters of type PolicyComponent
protected  List<PolicyComponent> AbstractPolicyOperator.policyComponents

Methods in org.apache.neethi that return PolicyComponent
 PolicyComponent AbstractPolicyOperator.getFirstPolicyComponent()
 PolicyComponent PolicyReference.normalize()
          Throws an UnsupportedOperationException since PolicyReference.normalize() can't resolve the Policy that it refers to unless a PolicyRegistry is provided.
 PolicyComponent Assertion.normalize()
          Returns a new PolicyComponent that is the normalized version of this.
 PolicyComponent PolicyReference.normalize(PolicyRegistry reg, boolean deep)
          Returns normalized version of the Policy that is referred by self.

Methods in org.apache.neethi that return types with arguments of type PolicyComponent
 List<PolicyComponent> All.getAssertions()
          Returns a List of it's PolicyComponents.
 List<PolicyComponent> PolicyOperator.getPolicyComponents()
          Returns a List of PolicyComponents which this PolicyOperator contains.
 List<PolicyComponent> AbstractPolicyOperator.getPolicyComponents()

Methods in org.apache.neethi with parameters of type PolicyComponent
 void PolicyOperator.addPolicyComponent(PolicyComponent component)
          Add a PolicyComponent to the PolicyOperator.
 void AbstractPolicyOperator.addPolicyComponent(PolicyComponent component)
 boolean PolicyReference.equal(PolicyComponent policyComponent)
 boolean PolicyComponent.equal(PolicyComponent policyComponent)
          Returns true if the argument is equal to self.
 boolean AbstractPolicyOperator.equal(PolicyComponent policyComponent)

Method parameters in org.apache.neethi with type arguments of type PolicyComponent
 void AbstractPolicyOperator.addPolicyComponents(List<? extends PolicyComponent> components)

Uses of PolicyComponent in

Classes in that implement PolicyComponent
 class PolicyContainingPrimitiveAssertion
          Implementation of an assertion that required exactly one (possibly empty) child element of type Policy (as does for examples the wsam:Addressing assertion).
 class PrimitiveAssertion

Methods in that return PolicyComponent
 PolicyComponent PrimitiveAssertion.normalize()
 PolicyComponent PolicyContainingPrimitiveAssertion.normalize()

Methods in with parameters of type PolicyComponent
 boolean PrimitiveAssertion.equal(PolicyComponent policyComponent)
 boolean PolicyContainingPrimitiveAssertion.equal(PolicyComponent policyComponent)

Uses of PolicyComponent in

Classes in that implement PolicyComponent
 class XmlPrimitiveAssertion
          XmlPrimitiveAssertion wraps an Element s.t.

Methods in that return PolicyComponent
 PolicyComponent XmlPrimitiveAssertion.normalize()
          Returns the partial normalized version of the wrapped Element, that is assumed to be an assertion.

Methods in with parameters of type PolicyComponent
 boolean XmlPrimitiveAssertion.equal(PolicyComponent policyComponent)

Uses of PolicyComponent in org.apache.neethi.util

Methods in org.apache.neethi.util with parameters of type PolicyComponent
static boolean arg1, PolicyComponent arg2)
          Returns true if the two PolicyComponents have the same semantics.

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