Interface Summary
EntityProcessor Interface implemented by classes that process an entity in a stream, where an entity is a self-delimiting part of a stream.
Stream Interface used by a filter to access the stream flowing through a pipeline.
StreamFilter A filter acting on a stream.

Class Summary
CharsetDecoderFilter Filter that decodes the stream to character data and sends it to a Writer.
CharsetRecoderFilter Filter that changes the charset encoding of a stream.
HeaderParser Utility class to parse a set of HTTP/MIME/RFC822 headers from a stream.
Pipeline Class that sends a byte stream through a sequence of filters.
ReadOnlyEntityProcessorWrapper Wrapper that makes an EntityProcessor read-only.
ReadOnlyFilterWrapper Wrapper that makes a filter read-only.
ReplaceFilter Filter that replaces content in a stream.
RequestLineExtractor Filter that extracts the first line of a request, up to a given maximum length.
StreamUtil Class containing utility methods to work with streams.
Tee A filter that copies all the data in the stream to a given OutputStream.
XmlFormatFilter Filter that reformats XML data so that it is properly indented.

Exception Summary

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