Interface Summary
ContentEncoding Represents a particular content encoding as specified by the Content-Encoding header.
HttpRequestHandler Interface implemented by handlers invoked by HttpRequestFilter.
HttpResponseHandler Interface implemented by handlers invoked by HttpResponseFilter.
TransferEncoding Represents a particular transfer encoding as specified by the Transfer-Encoding header.

Class Summary
AbstractHttpRequestHandler Abstract implementation of HttpRequestHandler with default behavior.
AbstractHttpRequestResponseHandler Abstract implementation of HttpRequestHandler and HttpResponseHandler with default behavior.
AbstractHttpResponseHandler Abstract implementation of HttpResponseHandler with default behavior.
ChunkedDecoder Entity processor that processes HTTP chunked transfer encoding.
ChunkedEncoding Implementation of the chunked transfer encoding.
GZIPEncoding Implementation of the GZIP content encoding.
HttpFilter Base class for HttpRequestFilter and HttpResponseFilter.
HttpHeaderRewriter Handler that replaces the value of a given HTTP header.
HttpProxyClientHandler Handler that rewrites a plain HTTP request to an HTTP proxy request.
HttpProxyServerHandler Handler that rewrites an HTTP proxy request to a plain HTTP request.
HttpRequestFilter Filter that parses HTTP requests and invokes a set of HTTPRequestHandler implementations.
HttpResponseFilter Filter that parses HTTP responses and invokes a set of HTTPResponseHandler implementations.
IdentityDecoder Entity processor that processes HTTP identity transfer encoding.
IdentityEncoding Implementation of the identity transfer encoding.

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