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Packages that use XmlRpcTransport

Uses of XmlRpcTransport in org.apache.xmlrpc.client

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.client that implement XmlRpcTransport
 class XmlRpcCommonsTransport
          An HTTP transport factory, which is based on the Jakarta Commons HTTP Client.
 class XmlRpcHttpTransport
          Abstract base implementation of an HTTP transport.
 class XmlRpcLite14HttpTransport
          A "light" HTTP transport implementation for Java 1.4.
 class XmlRpcLiteHttpTransport
          A "light" HTTP transport implementation.
 class XmlRpcLocalStreamTransport
          Another local transport for debugging and testing.
 class XmlRpcLocalTransport
          The default implementation of a local transport.
 class XmlRpcStreamTransport
          Implementation of a transport class, which is based on an output stream for sending the request and an input stream for receiving the response,
 class XmlRpcSun14HttpTransport
          Default implementation of an HTTP transport in Java 1.4, based on the HttpURLConnection class.
 class XmlRpcSun15HttpTransport
          Default implementation of an HTTP transport in Java 1.4, based on the HttpURLConnection class.
 class XmlRpcSunHttpTransport
          Default implementation of an HTTP transport, based on the HttpURLConnection class.
 class XmlRpcTransportImpl
          Abstract base implementation of an XmlRpcTransport.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.client that return XmlRpcTransport
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcTransportFactory.getTransport()
          Returns an instance of XmlRpcTransport.
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcSunHttpTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcSun15HttpTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcSun14HttpTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcLocalTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcLocalStreamTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcLiteHttpTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcLite14HttpTransportFactory.getTransport()
 XmlRpcTransport XmlRpcCommonsTransportFactory.getTransport()

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