Uses of Interface

Packages that use XmlRpcWorker

Uses of XmlRpcWorker in org.apache.xmlrpc.client

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.client that implement XmlRpcWorker
 class XmlRpcClientWorker
          Object, which performs a request on the clients behalf.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.client that return XmlRpcWorker
protected  XmlRpcWorker XmlRpcClientWorkerFactory.newWorker()
          Creates a new worker instance.

Uses of XmlRpcWorker in org.apache.xmlrpc.common

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.common that return XmlRpcWorker
 XmlRpcWorker XmlRpcWorkerFactory.getWorker()
          Returns a worker for synchronous processing.
protected abstract  XmlRpcWorker XmlRpcWorkerFactory.newWorker()
          Creates a new worker instance.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.common with parameters of type XmlRpcWorker
 void XmlRpcWorkerFactory.releaseWorker(XmlRpcWorker pWorker)
          Called, when the worker did its job.

Uses of XmlRpcWorker in org.apache.xmlrpc.server

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.server that implement XmlRpcWorker
 class XmlRpcServerWorker
          Server specific implementation of XmlRpcWorker.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.server that return XmlRpcWorker
protected  XmlRpcWorker XmlRpcServerWorkerFactory.newWorker()

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