Interface TypeSerializer

All Known Implementing Classes:
BigDecimalSerializer, BigIntegerSerializer, BooleanSerializer, ByteArraySerializer, CalendarSerializer, DateSerializer, DoubleSerializer, ExtSerializer, FloatSerializer, I1Serializer, I2Serializer, I4Serializer, I8Serializer, JaxbSerializer, ListSerializer, MapSerializer, NodeSerializer, NullSerializer, ObjectArraySerializer, SerializableSerializer, StringSerializer, TypeSerializerImpl

public interface TypeSerializer

A TypeSerializer is able to write a parameter or result object to the XML RPC request or response.

Method Summary
 void write(org.xml.sax.ContentHandler pHandler, java.lang.Object pObject)
          Writes the object pObject to the SAX handler pHandler.

Method Detail


void write(org.xml.sax.ContentHandler pHandler,
           java.lang.Object pObject)
           throws org.xml.sax.SAXException
Writes the object pObject to the SAX handler pHandler.

pHandler - The destination handler.
pObject - The object being written.
org.xml.sax.SAXException - Writing the object failed.

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