Uses of Interface

Packages that use TypeSerializer

Uses of TypeSerializer in org.apache.xmlrpc.common

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.common that return TypeSerializer
 TypeSerializer TypeFactoryImpl.getSerializer(XmlRpcStreamConfig pConfig, java.lang.Object pObject)
 TypeSerializer TypeFactory.getSerializer(XmlRpcStreamConfig pConfig, java.lang.Object pObject)
          Creates a serializer for the object pObject.

Uses of TypeSerializer in org.apache.xmlrpc.jaxb

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.jaxb that implement TypeSerializer
 class JaxbSerializer
          A serializer for JAXB objects.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.jaxb that return TypeSerializer
 TypeSerializer JaxbTypeFactory.getSerializer(XmlRpcStreamConfig pConfig, java.lang.Object pObject)

Uses of TypeSerializer in org.apache.xmlrpc.serializer

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.serializer that implement TypeSerializer
 class BigDecimalSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for BigDecimal.
 class BigIntegerSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for BigInteger.
 class BooleanSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for booleans.
 class ByteArraySerializer
          A TypeSerializer for byte arrays.
 class CalendarSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for date values.
 class DateSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for date values.
 class DoubleSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for doubles.
 class ExtSerializer
          Base class for external XML representations, like DOM, or JAXB.
 class FloatSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for floats.
 class I1Serializer
          A TypeSerializer for bytes.
 class I2Serializer
          A TypeSerializer for shorts.
 class I4Serializer
          A TypeSerializer for integers.
 class I8Serializer
          A TypeSerializer for longs.
 class ListSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for lists.
 class MapSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for maps.
 class NodeSerializer
          The node serializer is serializing a DOM node.
 class NullSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for null values.
 class ObjectArraySerializer
          A TypeSerializer for object arrays.
 class SerializableSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for instances of Serializable.
 class StringSerializer
          A TypeSerializer for strings.
 class TypeSerializerImpl
          Abstract base implementation of a type serializer.

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