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Packages that use XmlRpcHandlerMapping

Uses of XmlRpcHandlerMapping in org.apache.xmlrpc.metadata

Subinterfaces of XmlRpcHandlerMapping in org.apache.xmlrpc.metadata
 interface XmlRpcListableHandlerMapping
          A listable handler mapping is able to provide support for XML-RPC meta data, as specified here.

Uses of XmlRpcHandlerMapping in org.apache.xmlrpc.server

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.server that implement XmlRpcHandlerMapping
 class AbstractReflectiveHandlerMapping
          Abstract base class of handler mappings, which are using reflection.
 class PropertyHandlerMapping
          A handler mapping based on a property file.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.server that return XmlRpcHandlerMapping
 XmlRpcHandlerMapping XmlRpcServer.getHandlerMapping()
          Returns the servers handler mapping.

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.server with parameters of type XmlRpcHandlerMapping
 void XmlRpcServer.setHandlerMapping(XmlRpcHandlerMapping pMapping)
          Sets the servers handler mapping.

Uses of XmlRpcHandlerMapping in org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver

Methods in org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver that return XmlRpcHandlerMapping
protected  XmlRpcHandlerMapping XmlRpcServlet.newXmlRpcHandlerMapping()
          Creates a new handler mapping.

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