Package org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver

Class Summary
Connection Handler for a single clients connection.
HttpServletRequestImpl Stub implementation of a HttpServletRequest with lots of unimplemented methods.
HttpServletResponseImpl Stub implementation of a HttpServletResponse with lots of unimplemented methods.
RequestData Web servers extension of XmlRpcHttpRequestConfig, which allows to store additional per request data.
ServletConnection ServletWebServer's ThreadPool.Task for handling a single servlet connection.
ServletWebServer This is a subclass of the WebServer, which offers a minimal servlet API.
WebServer The WebServer is a minimal HTTP server, that might be used as an embedded web server.
XmlRpcServlet A default servlet implementation The typical use would be to derive a subclass, which is overwriting at least the method XmlRpcServlet.newXmlRpcHandlerMapping().
XmlRpcServletServer An extension of XmlRpcServer, which is suitable for processing servlet requests.

Exception Summary
ServletWebServer.Exception This exception is thrown by the request handling classes, advising the server, that it should return an error response.

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