Package org.apache.xmlrpc.util

Interface Summary
ThreadPool.InterruptableTask A task, which may be interrupted, if the pool is shutting down.
ThreadPool.Task The thread pool contains instances of ThreadPool.Task.

Class Summary
HttpUtil Provides utility functions useful in HTTP communications
LimitedInputStream A filtering InputStream for proper handling of the Content-Length header: It guarantees to return at most a given number of bytes.
ReflectionUtil A utility class for using reflection.
SAXParsers Utility class for working with SAX parsers.
ThreadPool Simple thread pool.
XmlRpcDateTimeDateFormat An extension of XmlRpcDateTimeFormat, which accepts and/or creates instances of Date.
XmlRpcDateTimeFormat An instance of Format, which may be used to parse and format dateTime values, as specified by the XML-RPC specification.

Exception Summary
XmlRpcIOException This is a subclass of IOException, which allows to attach a linked exception.

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