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Packages that use EntityResolver

Uses of EntityResolver in org.apache.xmlrpc

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc that implement EntityResolver
 class XmlRpc
          This abstract base class provides basic capabilities for XML-RPC, like parsing of parameters or encoding Java objects into XML-RPC format.
 class XmlRpcClientResponseProcessor
          Process an XML-RPC server response from a byte array or an InputStream into an Object.
 class XmlRpcRequestProcessor
          Process an InputStream and produce an XmlRpcServerRequest.

Uses of EntityResolver in org.apache.xmlrpc.applet

Classes in org.apache.xmlrpc.applet that implement EntityResolver
(package private)  class XmlRpcSupport
          FIXME: Leverage the XmlRpc class.

Uses of EntityResolver in org.xml.sax

Classes in org.xml.sax that implement EntityResolver
 class HandlerBase
          Default base class for handlers.

Methods in org.xml.sax with parameters of type EntityResolver
 void Parser.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
          Allow an application to register a custom entity resolver.

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Methods in with parameters of type EntityResolver
 void MinML.setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)

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