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History of Changes


Version 2.0 (27th Jan 2003)

  • add First official release (WSIF_2_0) Download here
  • add 1/23/03: built RC3 release (tagged as WSIF_2_0_RC3) (NM)
  • add added JCA sample
  • add fixed bugs: 13646 WSIFOperation_ApacheAxis fails to set up Call's Parameter list 15134 AXIS provider requires mail.jar and acivation.jar even when not using attachements 15578 WSIF incorrectly handles returned attachment from service 15691 errors in docs 15780 WSIF stub invocation for doc style with unwrapped parts don't work 15837 Attachments fail if in the wrong order 16041 There is no way to override the default (de)serializers used by the WSIF AXIS provider 16196 WSIF AXIS provider performance unacceptable 16197 axis provider messaging with attachments don't work 16199 response soap headers not passed to WSIF client 16199 WSIF AXIS provider no longer supports jms:property parts in the input message 16256 WSIF AXIS Operation uses incorrect encoding style 16271 WSIFUtils method initializeProviders should be public 16334 WSIF NPE for a document style service which is not wrapped (AE)
  • addupdated FAQ
  • addadded DSL provider sample to demonstrate how WSIF can be used ot interact with many services each potentially implemented with different protocol (EJB, JMS, SOAP, ...).
  • addadded JMS sample to demonstrate how WSIF can be used to interacts with software accessible through the JMS API.
  • add12/20/02: built RC1 release (tagged as WSIF_2_0_RC1): new samples (multibinding, customfactory), misc. updates to documentation and samples
  • addbuilt BETA1 release (tagged as WSIF_2_0_BETA1): improvements to documentation that is now split in smaller pieces that are better fitting into website
  • addadded EJB sample with documentation and pre-packaged jar for deployment in JBoss
  • addbuilt ALPHA2 release (tagged as WSIF_2_0_ALPHA2)
  • add changed release packaging: there are now three different release builds: src: only source file (no binaries) - essentially all that is needed to compile WSIF if you downloaded all required jar files bin: only binaries: just download few jar files that can not be distributed and you are ready to run WSIF (no source code except for samples) all = bin + src
  • add included samples to demonstrate invocation of SOAP service, local java and service with complex types and documentation for samples.
  • add documentation changes: factored out readme.html into smaller pieces that are put in doc/ (like cvs and requirements) updated doc/ with factored out info about cvs and requirements and improved build instructions, moved wsdl_extensions to doc/ from README_files, simplified wsif.css (much less colors, easier to read ...)