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A J2SE v1.3 SDK (eg from Java J2SE site) and the Apache Jakarta Ant tool to build wsif. Ant is available at the Apache ANT website. To build WSIF the jars from the following packages are required:

Prerequisite jars
Description Jar names
JAXP compliant XML parser, such as Apache Xerces. xercesImpl.jar xmlParserAPIs.jar
WSDL for Java API (WSDL4J), from the IBM developerWorks site. wsdl4j.jar qname.jar
Apache SOAP, from the Apache SOAP site soap.jar
Apache Axis, from the Apache Axis site axis.jar saaj.jar jaxrpc.jar commons-logging.jar
J2EE 1.3 from the Java J2EE site j2ee.jar

Currently, in order to successfully build WSIF, all the above prerequisites are required no matter which providers are going to be used.