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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the official version of WSIF? How to I get the latest version?

2. What are the differences between WSIF and WSTK?

3. What are the differences between WSIF and Axis?

4. What are the differences between WSIF and JAX-RPC?

5. How do I set an HTTP proxy to be used by WSIF?

6. How can I configure WSIF to work through an authenticating proxy server?

7. Where can I find details of the extensions to WSDL that are supported by WSIF?

8. How do I define my own WSDL binding extensions and write WSIF providers for them

9. How do I report problems and request new features?

10. How do I select SOAP provider used in WSIF?

11. How do I use use dynamic invoker sample?

java clients.DynamicInvoker getTemp 10570 Reading WSDL document from '' Preparing WSIF dynamic invocation - WSIF0006W: Multiple WSIFProvider found supporting the same namespace URI ''. Found ('org.apache.wsif.providers.soap.apachesoap.WSIFDynamicProvider_ApacheSOAP, org.apache.wsif.providers.soap.apacheaxis.WSIFDynamicProvider_ApacheAxis') - WSIF0007I: Using WSIFProvider 'org.apache.wsif.providers.soap.apachesoap.WSIFDynamicProvider_ApacheSOAP' for namespaceURI '' Executing operation getTemp Result: return=56.0 Done!

12. Sample DynamicInvoker and Complex Type handling in WSIF?